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At least that's what about 3,000 marketers told online social media magazine in this year's Social Media Marketing Industry Report.According to the report, marketers value social media marketing—especially buy fast instagram likes visual marketing—more highly than ever before. With 92% of marketers indicating that social media is an increasingly essential tool, there is also a growing trend towards using (or planning to use) visual content on more traditional platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, there has been an uptake in marketers using visually based platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.Marketers are now looking to create original visuals and videos to engage audiences, and there’s no question that marketers need to think about shifting their content strategy that way.If you don't want to take my word for it, here are six findings from the report to back this assertion up:One of the data points that quite surprised me was that marketers with longer experience in the industry rate the importance of visual networks, such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, higher than their less experienced colleagues.According to the report, marketers with less than 12 months’ experience with social media marketing select Facebook as their No. 1 choice of the platforms they use, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.

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How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business Globally

You may well have been already in your international marketing, but now you can add more visual oomph to your campaigns. Here are some tips for how to use Instagram to market your business globally.“According to, more people buy instagram automatic likes engage with Instagram than any other platform as a percentage of active users,” notes Liz Tunheim Sheets, senior consultant, digital strategy for a strategic communications firm based in Bloomington, MN. “This means that Instagram is the most potent vehicle post-for-post for influence and trusted endorsement via third parties. Brands should integrate Instagram into their strategy if their audience is active on Instagram and if they are able to represent their brand with influential imagery.”the basics of international visual marketing are largely the same whether you’re working domestically or internationally, there are some important considerations.Considering these three factors is critical to avoiding unintended marketing gaffes that get your brand the wrong kind of attention.While your marketing team can easily evaluate the first two questions, you may need additional insights to fully investigate the third. This is where your in-country marketing staff and your language service provider can provide valuable input on the nuances of the local culture.

Marketing Tactics Brands Should be Using on Instagram

Visual marketing is one of those buzz terms that’s being thrown around a lot at the moment and its thanks in large parts to platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest which have seen phenomenal growth buy 20 instagram likes throughout 2014 and this looks set to continue in 2015.Research from in 2014 showed that on average brands on Instagram have a 4.21% per-follower engagement rate, 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.Instagram has now amassed over 30 million monthly active users (as of December 2014) and on a daily basis sees 70 million photos being shared and 2.5 billion likes, a huge audience for marketers to go after right?! Here’s my top marketing tactics that brands should be utilising in 2015 to see the true value and power of Instagram.An obvious one to start with, brands should definitely be using hashtags on Instagram to ensure their content is being seen by new audiences. Although Instagram will let you include up to 30 hashtags I wouldn’t recommend using more than five as a maximum as you then run the risk of looking spammy. Best practice is to search for hashtags you’re considering using first to see how well-used they are, you can do this by going to search, clicking on hashtags and typing in your hashtag where you will see the number of posts with that hashtag.

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