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Social networks will serve as shopping platforms

The recent launches of shopping functionalities in the social realm (i.e. Facebook’s and Twitter’s “buy” buttons and Curalate’s Like2Buy platform for Instagram) tell us that social is going to get a whole lot more shoppable in 2015. Retailers that have already started participating in the trend include Nordstrom and Target, which are using the Like2Buy platform on Instagram, and Home Depot, (RED), and Burberry, which are testing Twitter’s buy button. In the screenshots below, buy instagram likes you can see how Nordstrom is leveraging Instagram and Like2Buy to sell its products. A customer who’d like to purchase an item she sees on the retailer’s feed can tap on the Like2Buy link found on Nordstrom’s Instagram profile. Clicking the link will take her to the retailer’s Like2Buy site, which looks similar to its Instagram page. When the shopper taps on an image, she’ll be taken directly to its product page, where she can find more details and proceed to checkout.

Social networks

Data will be more accessible and powerful

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that make data analytics accessible and affordable for small and medium retailers. Swarm for instance, gives brick-and-mortar stores the ability to analyze foot traffic so they can make better decisions and tailor customer interactions. There’s also Collect, which gives merchants insights into the spending habits of their top customers, allowing them to send personalized rewards and offers. Vendors will continue to buy usa instagram likes develop and refine their solutions so they can provide the most accurate and insightful data in the fastest and most convenient ways possible.

Brands with low usage and awareness garner large numbers

"While more than half (56%) of Mintel survey respondentshave not heard of or visited Wawa—due to its regional presence solely on the U.S.' east coast—the convenience store has secured 46% in online SOV (Share of Voice), the second-highest among the competitive set. The convenience store has developed a cult following among Wawa lovers, drawing more than 1.1 million Facebook 'likes' and close to 30,000 Twitter followers. The store even beats out top competitor 7-Eleven in Instagram followers with close to 8,000 at the time of writing," says Lizz. "The brand popchips, which records the lowest levels of overall usage and awareness with 42% of adults surveyed unaware of the brand, records the highest levels of interaction buy usa instagram likes among all reviewed household snack brands. They have the greatest Kred scores among the selected brands, with a Kred Influence score of 938 (out of 1,000) and a Kred Outreach score of eight (out of 12). This highlights how relevant popchips' content is to its followers and how motivated people are to share this content with their own social media communities online," said Gabi.

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