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Identify your business goal(s) and target “customer”

Like any ROI-focused marketing strategy, you should start a social media initiative with clear documentation of your business goals. These could range from thought leadership via dissemination of messages supporting current sales plays to selling product (an outcome that’s more likely in a B2C setting). But here’s where the skepticism must come in. Once you document your goals, run them by a seasoned social media expert to determine their viability. If they’re not attainable, go back to the drawing board or consider focusing elsewhere. Also, take your most modest forecast, how to get more twitter followers reduce it by half, then ask yourself whether stakeholders will support such a reduced (and likely) outcome. Concrete definition of business goals also includes identifying the customer and building a plan to reach that customer. If you’re targeting vice presidents of sales and your research (as well as experience) indicates that persona is not active in Facebook, be sure NOT to expend significant cost and energy on Facebook.

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Analyze your competitors

Locate your competition and find out exactly what they’re doing. Seriously, be their customer and watch for what’s working and what’s not. Identifying their weaknesses will help you fill in for what they’re missing. Take a look at how Seamless and Grub Hub are outrageously similar, from location listings on Twitter to goofy photos on Facebook. They stay on top of each other to avoid falling behind. Conversely, staying out of sync is just asking to look bad. For example, in the airline industry Delta and Frontier Airlines fully responded to customers during hurricane irene, while American and United Airlines were silent. All four had a chance to look good, but only two of them nailed it. From giveaways to email footers, everything you do impacts your brand. No matter what image you are looking for, make sure your social media presence buy 500 twitter followers echoes it in every way. If your startup revolves around clothes, then talk fashion. No matter if you’re about food, cars, tech or social, always know your users and make sure your image resonates with them. At Jux, where I work part-time, we spent tons of time curating our target audience. This way, we know that what we do will resonate with all of our users. If you don’t know your audience, that needs to be your #1 priority. Not knowing this can get you into trouble. If you’re an education startup, you can’t get away with same things that Gawker can.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Your audience will be the backbone of your success. Whether you’re planning to tug at emotional heart strings, hit the funny bone or shock the world through sheer intellect, your content is only as good as the voice it portrays. For instance, you’ll want to refrain from using words such as bro, dude, gnarly, or bitchin’, if you’re promoting content for a local health organization. This vocabulary is obviously not acceptable in the healthcare community, but it could be ideal for a local surf or snowboard brand. The voice and vocabulary you choose for your content will also where to buy twitter followers tie into the demographics of your audience. Your understanding of who will be reading and engaging with your posts will help draw a line between what’s acceptable and what’s not. Age, gender, ethnicity, geographical region, education levels, and financial incomes, are just a few areas of emphasis that you’ll need to understand to help tailor your content accordingly.

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